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Private Branch eXchange

A Private Branch Exchange can transform your business. Our inexpensive PBX will give your business these great features and more.

  • Up to 10 concurrent calls.
  • Have multiple phone numbers at a very low cost.
  • Interactive Voice Response. Play a greeting.
  • Music on hold, useful if you are too busy to answer immediately.
  • Record Calls, great for taking orders.
  • Voicemail on every extension.
  • Transfer call to another extension.
  • Put caller on hold to take a second call.
  • Almost any computer, tablet or smart phone can be an extension!

A broadband connection is required.

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Website Design

  • CMS : Content Management System. Manage the content your self. Perfect for content that changes often e.g a menu.
  • Bespoke : A website designed to your requirements using the latest web technologies.

Graphics / Photography

Content is produced exclusively for your site.

Domains : Hosting : E-mail

We will:

  • Register your domain name.
  • Arrange hosting.
  • Supply 3 email addresses unique to your business.
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Affordable Business
Communication Solutions

A revolution in service provision

Web With a modern responsive website you can get your business in front of prospective customers on any device capable of running a web browser.

Email Take your email to the next level with your domain name. Have unique addresses for each dept (, etc)

Telephony With one of our inexpensive Private Branch eXchanges (PBX) you can present a professional telephone presence to your customers and boost internal communications.

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